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Our Denomination


Founded in 1803, the Evangelical-Reformed Church of canton St. Gallen has its roots in the work of Ulrich Zwingli and Joachim Vadian. With more than 100,000 members and 100 clergy, our denomination seeks to be a movement that is Nahe bei Gott - nahe bei den Menschen (Close to God - close to people) through proclaiming and living the Gospel of Jesus.


Our Affiliations


Like all cantonal Churches our denomination is a member of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches [SEK·FEPS]. This federation is a union of 24 cantonal Churches, the Free Church of Geneva, and the Evangelical Methodist Church of Switzerland. Though members of SEK·FEPS are in full communion, each church is independent with its own polity and theological tenets.


As a congregation of St. Gallen’s Evangelical-Reformed church we are also affiliated with the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe [CPCE]. This fellowship to which our denomination belongs, is an ecumenical alliance of 94 Lutheran, Reformed, Methodist and United churches from over thirty countries in Europe and South America. Though CPCE churches differ in theology and polity, they are all guided by and in full communion through the Leuenberg Agreement.